Heroes Honor

Our pledge

We have and will always support our Military, Police, Fire, and EMT’s.  They play a huge part in our society and make daily sacrifices that we can never say thank you enough for.

Because we are committed to saying thank you those that sacrifice, we are offering $15 off per order.    

My own husband served as a 1st LT. in the Army for 10 years as a Combat Medic and Signal Communications Officer. He has been on two deployments to Afghanistan and South Korea. He is also the recipient of a Bronze Star and Combat Action Badge.  I’ve seen first hand the daily sacrifices he has made. 

I also have a brother who has served in the Army National Guard for 12 years and is also a Police Officer.  He has been on two deployments and was awarded a Meritorious Service Metal.  He still serves and plans on retiring after 20 years served.  


“As a company we support those who do the jobs that so few are willing or capable to do.”


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